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The 5 Minute Gallery


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Artist Bio

Misti Dawn. Freelance Artist/Writer
Wichita, Kansas

About Me and My work

I have been drawing since the age of 3. Mom and Dad saw that it was more than just scribble and enhanced my intrest in the subject. When I was 7, I was introduced to Jerry Yarnell, who was and is a leader in the wildlife/still life art world.
He had just opened a school and I was one of his first students. I studied under his eye for 2 years and won first place in adult catagories for my paintings. Sold my first Painting at 8 and have been painting, creating, and expressing ever since.


Misti Denison age 8 1983. Painting to the left won first place in the adult division. Was also the first painting that I ever sold.

Job I am working on. I am painting grapes that will go around a kitchen.



Misti Denison with a painting that she re-created for a Christian School in Oklahoma.


I have designed and created advertising for restaraunts.
Mainly though I am Hired as a Decor Painter. I have painted quite a few windows for business and homes. People tell me what they want and I create it.

I am interested in expanding my horizons. My styles of painting and drawing are eclectic and as you will see, I even venture into photography/scanner art, when it is called for.