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The 5 Minute Gallery


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Sonnet to the King

And Postcards From Kansas

Sonnet To The King


I think of you today

as I did yesterday and will tomorrow.


All I want to do is see you

and have your ear to borrow. 


Maybe this will reach you

and you will remember me in sight.


I wish for this to happen

by the sun and new moonlight.


Think of all the words we spoke

that reached the heavens drifting then back down.


"You are my Queen and I your King. These stars are our crowns."


Though many years have parted us

these letters I do vow.


To always look upon your memory

and hang my head to bow.


I hope you are shining brightly

my handsome childhood king.


And now that you are with me,

Always, Forever,

The Queen


Postcard from Kansas

Hello World,

Today I was discussing the "War on Terror" with some locals here in Kansas. The conversation seemed to take a turn when the young woman I was talking to burst into a song in which the words "Somewhere Over the Afghani Border" were heard. She then started talking about a dream that she had, which involved President Bush as a scarecrow. Looking around to see with whom I was dealing with, quickly I realized that this truly was the land of Oz and hopped on the 3:15 Tornado back to my house, which coincidentally, had dropped on a witch. The District Union Local 666 of Witches is now questioning me.

Best Regards,