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The 5 Minute Gallery
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Misti Dawn Artist At Large

Misti Denison Artist At Large

"Torn" Scanner Art 2000

Welcome to the 5 Minute Gallery!

My name is Misti Dawn and I am the artist and owner of this online Gallery. (applause)
In this Gallery you will see a collection of my own art work that I have created. (ohhhh ahh)
It is mostly paintings of a mixed media. However, there are also charcoal drawings and even photographic images that I created.

Being an artist is all that I have ever wanted to be and I have been known to demonstrate this fact when I am not able to find paper.Hence Scanner Art.

Now that you know a little bit about me,
you are now free to roam and click around.
I hope that you enjoy my work and be sure to
sign my guest book. Because this is a Gallery, Art will be updated on a regular basis! Add me to your favorites so that you can check back!


See what I mean.....

"Future"  Misti Denison 200

"Future" Misti Denison Scanner Art 2000

Tell me what you think! Sign here.


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